The source code of this Wagtail Demo is availabe at Github wagtail-bootstrap-blog, If you want to know how to build it, please check Wagtail Tutorial Series, if you want to review this Wagtail Application, please check Wagtail Blog Demo is now available


This Wagtail Blog Demo is a live version of wagtail-bootstrap-blog, which is develoepd exclusivey for my Wagtail Blog Tutorial. You can also get it using commandes below.

Main features of Wagtail tutorial series:

  1. I will teach you how to create a standard blog from scratch, I will add standard CMS features to blog step by step. In the end, you will see a real blog which has nearly all features ...

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Latex & Code Sample

Check this page for detail about Latex and Code highlight.

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Markdown Support

Markdown is supported in wagtail-bootstrap-blog, you can check this page for more detail.

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